RCM: Risk management for Physical Assets

Twenty-first century businesses operate within a framework of constraints imposed by governments, regulators and customers.

Customers specify performance penalties that cut in if delivery deadlines are missed or product quality is poor. Any breakdown that leads to an extended period of downtime can quickly turn a profitable contract into an expensive loss.

Legislation ensures that the duty of care owed to employees and to the general public is taken seriously, to the extent that individual directors can be held responsible if someone is injured or killed.

Environmental regulations have become tighter, and closer monitoring means that any breach invokes punitive penalties along with the potential for severe damage to the organisation’s reputation.

Good industrial design is part of the solution, but robust, effective maintenance is an essential part of any organisation’s risk management strategy. RCM has demonstrated for over thirty years that it delivers effective, robust and affordable maintenance schedules that achieve availability, safety and risk targets.