Inventory Analytics

MRO: Managing the Risks

Spare parts.

Hold too few, and your organisation faces maintenance backlog, extended production downtime and massive financial losses. Hold too many and you tie up cash, waste money on management, and ultimately write off much of their value when your equipment reaches the end of its life. But it's not just the inventory level that matters: hold stock in the wrong place and you face both logistical headaches and maintenance chaos.


Our solutions enable you to balance the risks of having no stock, or having it in the wrong place, against the costs of overstocking. The top-down overview shows you immediately where cash is being wasted or production is at risk, while the analytical tools help you to set the right levels for each spare part.

Flexible solutions in an uncertain world

Nothing is certain in a fast-changing world, so "what if?" calculators show you exactly how stock holding decisions could be affected by external influences. Explore back-up plans before disaster strikes, or look for alternatives to your existing inventory solutions.

  • Compare alternative suppliers' costs and delivery times
  • Run down stock levels gracefully as end-of-life approaches
  • What would happen if a key supplier failed?
  • How can parts be pooled between sites?


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